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The Planning Department's Initial Study shows the proposed helicopter flight paths (below) which would endanger a great many San Francisco residents:

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The helicopters' flight path creates a danger to all residents below. Helicopters are much more likely to crash than airplanes.  In 2005 there were 22 fatal helicopter crashes causing 40 deaths.  In 2006 the FAA investigated 25 fatal helicopter accidents, that caused 41 deaths.   Most helicopter crashes occur over open terrain, where casualties are restricted to helicopter passengers and crew.  A jet fuel-filled helicopter crash on to the wood-frame houses in San Francisco could destroy an entire city block, injuring or killing dozens of local residents.

Read about the risks and overuse of medical air transport in a 2005 Wall Street Journal article.

The News/Traffic helicopters SF residents currently hear are single-engine and fly no lower than 1,400 feet.  But medical helicopters are twin-engine and 50% louder. They would begin to descend for landing more than a mile away from SF General.   Landing on the helipad will bring them down to 100 feet. The noise will be as MUCH louder than the little traffic helicopters.  At homes located in the nearby blocks, it will create noise levels equivalent to a jackhammer or Harley Davidson motorcycle.  It will shake buildings, rattle windows, set off car alarms, prevent conversation, and wake sleeping children and adults.  Learn more about the noise levels.   

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